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Early Identification of Mental Health & Accessible Mental Healthcare for Everyone

We offer psychological testing in an easy, engaging, and accessible way to learn how you feel with additional follow up resources to support your well-being.


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Personalized graphical representations of the tests and services depending on the age, language, and other demographic aspects of the primary user or the proxy.

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Consistent UI mechanics throughout the interaction with similar dexterity. It entertains the perfect recipe for continued engagement and long-term retention.

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A User-Friendly Alternative by Simple, Efficient and Stress-free Solution

When we hear the term ‘early identification and intervention’, we may think this is just about the early years of a child’s life – but it’s not. It’s about recognizing difficulties quickly, identifying, and making a prompt intervention to support any person and their families so that issues are tackled before they become more ingrained problems. Thinking in this way, early identification and intervention are important throughout a person’s life. Given the importance of early identification, we want to make this very first step accessible for everyone so they can enjoy a better life quality.

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We are a team of Psychologists, User Experience Designers, and Digital Health Experts. We want to apply our knowledge and experience to make the mental health care system more accessible, efficient, effective, and tolerable.

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