The clinical use of CareCards facilitates mental health testing and reduces the workload for clinicians, especially when evaluating results and writing reports. At the same time, the interaction between patient and digital devices is considered using natural UI mechanics, so digital tests are easily possible for patients with learning disabilities or older patients.

Follow Up Services

In addition to the self-tests, we provide various resources that can help improve mental health and support patients on the path to recovery and well-being.

Frequently asked questions

Which tests do we offer?

Criteria for inclusion are that the test is available in print, in English and German, and for purchase. So CareCards covers a wide range of tests across psychology, education, and achievement.

Where can I find the information on the tests?

We provide a detailed description of the tests including the name, intended population, publication dates, forms and prices, author and publisher. They also contain additional information on the extent to which reliability, validity, norming data, scoring and reporting services, and foreign language versions are available.

Where is the data saved?

Tests are data privacy compliant. They do not require to fill in any personal data.

How can I access to the tests?

Currently, our tests are only available through our healthcare partners. If you are interested then please request the demo.

How do I use the tests?

We make the tests accessible to everyone. They are distributed in analogue and digital formats, each one equipped with user friendly instructions for their easy understanding and usage.

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